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14 December 2018

TVS Supply Chain Solutions supporting the UK Rail Sector.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions are a global supply chain company Delivering Value Added Services and Innovative Solutions. TVS provides market-leading supply chain solutions to the automotive, beverage, defence, heavy industrial, and utilities sectors.

TVS can trace their UK heritage back over 100 years and are now one of the fastest growing global supply chain organisations, with group annual revenues of US$7 billion. They are a global provider of world class, end-to-end, supply chain services for a diverse customer base, across a wider sector portfolio.

They address complex and dynamic supply chain challenges that drive operational efficiencies and ultimately reduce costs for the customer allowing them to focus on their core business, often which is in an ever changing environment requiring innovation and continuous improvement. As a trusted partner they also create new solutions that offer improvements across the lifetime of the contract, they deliver real outcomes.

Their value added services- start with transformational management, TVS work hand in hand with customers to understand their exact requirement then tailor a solution to meet the customers’ key criteria. TVS offer a variety of services which include inventory management, inventory funding, procurement, supplier management, warehousing, packaging, transportation, logistics and supply chain all of these services are underpinned by a strong in-house  Information technology suite. .

It is a testament to this approach that sees TVS enjoy many long term relationships with its clients, several of which have now been working in true partnership for in excess of 15 years.

Recently TVS started to work with businesses aligned to the Rail sector and have realised that the UK Rail sector is ready for, and definitely in need of a different and innovative approach in terms of how it sources its indirect or distributed procurement categories for material and spare parts.

The UK Rail sector is going through a period of unprecedented investment, not only from Network Rail’s CP6 budget, HS2 and Crossrail but also from the major OEM’s who have ambitious plans to develop both new and upgraded manufacturing and maintenance facilities across the UK.

The Supply Chain experts understand that there is a real appetite for key stakeholders in the UK Rail sector to begin to look to outsource, to focus on the management of high level strategic items and suppliers to improve the safety, performance, availability and reliability of the items they supply.

This will enable these businesses to reduce the number of procurement transactions and the associated costs in supporting systems by transferring responsibility to the supply base. This will create a smaller cohort of key suppliers, who could be appropriately incentivised, to utilise their knowledge and expertise in finding better solutions to the planning, production, storing, distribution (to point of use) and the supply of the right product for the right application.

TVS SCS feel that outsourcing will enable the UK Rail sector to improve the customer experience of managing and using items, whilst having an input into the supplier relationships and being able to contribute to finding solutions to problems and issues.

This transformation will allow these businesses to take cost out of all elements of the supply chain e.g. by avoiding expensive duplication of unnecessary resources and to take cost out of products supplied.

The approach of utilising the supply chain where the best expertise exists rather than doing things “in house” or in the “traditional way” should be a clear driver for the UK Rail sector.


What does a future supply chain look like?

Future supply chain solutions are heavily reliant on smart communication between end user – client – service provide and supplier. This seamless link allows businesses to hold the minimum amount of stock in a national distribution centre and to rely on a robust supply base utilising a direct from supplier model (DFS). The use of information technology gives visibility of stock levels throughout the supply chain and allows end users to make critical decisions and to act accordingly should there be any shortages of product supply.

This model also allows businesses to take significant cost out of the supply chain by reducing the need to have cash tied up in large amounts of inventory. Utilising e-Commerce technology also gives the ability to control cost. Business Data Analytics gives visibility to management to make informed decisions around the supply chain. Typically historic supply chains generally have a large inventory holding, infrequent delivery cycles and limited demand forecast information. Management reporting and data analytics in historic supply chains were very limited


How will TVS meet the UK Rail Sector requirements?

Through Innovative supply chain solutions specifically focused at reducing operating costs through a series of value added services. A wider holistic view of “total cost of supply”, considerate of compliance requirements as demonstrated across other market sectors to provide an optimum supply chain.

Why TVS?

TVS have specific knowledge and expertise in developing and delivering procurement solutions for a wide range of industries. This allows them to utilise best practises for the wider benefit of our collective customer base.

They recognise the desire for change within the Rail sector and believe that through seeking proven external supply chain expertise, businesses can free up their own valuable resource to focus on the core competencies of their business delivering highly effective, safe and timely rail network services.


They have a proven track record in using experience and expertise gained across other business sectors and applying these to new areas, bringing their innovative practices and solutions to deliver efficiencies and benefits that have previously been unlocked. It is their stated aim to be the ideal partner for you, to support your business in its own transformation journey and to manage your end to end supply chain requirements.

Andrew Jones CEO TVS Europe comments “Supply chains must continue to invest in advanced technology solutions and data analytics if they are they are to survive and grow in the modern world”

In a recent customer project TVS worked hand in hand with one of Europe’s largest utilities and infrastructure businesses to provide a tailored solution to fit their exacting requirements. This involved taking ownership of the customer’s supply chain and embedding in their systems within the business to become a seamless part of the customer’s operation.  Operatives in the field now utilise innovative tablet technology on a daily basis whilst the customers management team monitor performance through the provision of bespoke data analytics dashboard and business intelligence operating suites.

Through an integrated and collaborative approach we have been able to realise the true operations and cost benefits with an optimised solution. This has provided a “future proof” system which has transformed their business from an unsophisticated paper based manual set up to the leading edge of supply chain development.


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