The Rail Alliance Silver Package information

What does the Silver package get me?

  • Access to our bi-weekly newsletter
  • An enhanced Rail Alliance website company entry (450 words)
  • The ability to add an image (other than logo) to company listing
  • Attendance for an unlimited number of employees from your business to attend our live webinars
  • Attendance for up to three employees (subject to availability) to our in person “Destination events”
  • Downloadable membership logo and certificate
  • Catch Up access for webinar sessions at a time to suit you
  • Priority Booking and Discounted Tickets for ‘paid for’ Rail Alliance Conferences

How do I sign up?

You can sign up now by clicking the button below!

If I am a Silver member does this mean I get access to all online content?

Yes. As a Silver member you are able to watch our sessions live and put questions to the panel, however if you miss these you also have access to our webinar portal. This contains content going back to January 2020, you can see the list of what is available on catch up by clicking here. This is not available for bronze members.

Are there limits on how many of my colleagues can attend your sessions?

For online events there is no limit, you can bring as many people as you like! For in person “Destination” events there is a limit of three attendees per company (if we are able to run any in person events this year these will be Destination Events; further information will be sent to you about these limits then).

How do my team sign in?

We are sure you appreciate that we need to control who is accessing our content to ensure it is fair for the whole community. For live events we operate a “one person one seat” policy, meaning if somebody else signs in using your profile they will not be able to access the live session. The good news is that you can create as many additional profiles as you would like on the website for your team once you have signed up! We will send you all of the information you need to get additional contacts set up upon completing registration.

What does the Silver package cost?

The Silver membership package will cost only £250 + VAT per company for the remainder of 2021. We have an early bird offer for prompt payment which reduces this further. Full details of this will be sent to you when our payment portal is open in early February.

What is the early bird offer and who is it open to?

The Early bird discount of 20% is available to anyone paying for silver membership by midnight on 12th March 2021, reducing your membership cost to £200 + VAT. This discount will automatically be applied when you checkout, on and after 1st April, membership will increase to £250 + VAT

How do I pay?

The easiest way to pay for your membership is online by card. Details of this will be sent to your companies primary contact when the payment portal is open following your application being processed.

We can raise a pro-forma invoice but the additional processing charges associated mean there is an additional £50 cost to your membership. Please contact us at if you need to use this facility.

What happens if I pay for Silver Membership after March the 31st 2021?

You can upgrade at any time between the payment portal opening in early February (you will be notified when this happens) and the end of 2021. However, the subscription fee will remain the same throughout this period so you will gain more benefits by retaining your Silver membership early, especially if you take advantage of the early bird offer. 

If you do not wish to upgrade to a Silver Membership your membership will change to our free Bronze level, you can find out what this involves by clicking here.

What are the basic differences between Bronze and Silver membership?

The simplest comparison between the packages can be found below

Access to our bi-weekly newsletter
Basic company website listing (150 words)N/A
Access to Destination Events (online and in person)✓*✓**
Enhanced company website listing (450 words)X
Ability to add an image (other than logo) to company listingX
Downloadable membership logo and certificateX
Attendance (free-of-charge) at Rail Alliance B2B Community Events (online)X
Catch Up access for webinar sessions at a time to suit youX
Priority Booking and Discounted Tickets for ‘paid for’ Rail Alliance ConferencesX

* For bronze members one person per company may attend these sessions (either online or digitally) for free

** For silver members there is no limit on the number of people per company who can attend online sessions. For in person events you may bring up to three employees to one session (subject to availability)

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