Rolling Stock Maintenance Supply Chains – the Changing Landscape.

The Rail Alliance is pleased to share news from our most recent event with you; whether you managed to see the event live or are here to find the recording to catch up there is something for all of us to take away from the session. We would urge any of our members who work in or adjacent to Rolling Stock to view the recording of the presentations and Q&A session.

With a solid showing of 80+ businesses representing a broad spectrum of supply chain capabilities we are pleased to have shared valuable and urgent information, courtesy of our presenters and panellists from TOCs, ROSCOs and other senior representatives of leading industry stakeholders.

The content was further reaching than its title suggested, revealing the stark reality of current Covid-19 related service levels and actual passenger numbers, and illustrating unprecedented tax payers’ support in bridging the gap in revenue. That position being unsustainable, we have begun the process that considers the Capex investments being made by TOCs and ROSCOs through suppliers to enhance operational efficiencies (new fleets, infrastructure renewals, etc.) and the unmet daily cost of running services post government Emergency Measures Agreements.

Cost saving efficiencies alone will not deliver the shortfall, and our session reinforced the opportunity for fundamental shifts in supply chain relationships through collaboration as an attractive proposition for TOCs and ROSCOs alike. Additionally, the shift towards a more OEM maintained fleet model will have significant consequences for the supply chain as a new customer focus.

Supply chain ideas for daily operational cost reduction are still welcomed as we consider how to best continue and develop today’s exchanges at future events for the assurance and benefit of our industry.

We also acknowledge and support the work undertaken by the RSG in delivering the Rail Sector Deal, the output document from their research into the Covid-19 position is available here

Not had a chance to view or missed the session?

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