To help members prepare for the transition on 1 May to a smarter feature-rich new platform and enhanced auditing services, we are providing training materials, tutorials and online help.

For any suppliers who may need further support or assistance, and would like an opportunity to meet with key RISQS team members to discuss any issues, we are holding surgery sessions in April to provide face-to-face support in Glasgow, Doncaster, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London.

If you would like to attend you can book separate 30-minute slots to discuss:

The new software platform with provider Altius
The new audit arrangements with provider Capita
The scheme in general with the RSSB RISQS team

follow the links below to book a slot. You should book more than one slot if you wish to discuss, for instance, the software platform and the new audit arrangements; simply select different time slots from the options. We can accommodate groups of up to three in each time slot and you will be asked for names in the booking process.

Location Date Booking link

(IET teacher Building) | 11 April | Book your place

(MacDonald Burlington Hotel, B2 4JQ) | 13 April | Book your place

(Principal Hotel, M60 7HA) | 16 April | Book your place

(Keepmost Stadium, DN4 5JW) | 17 April | Book your place

(Aerospace Concorde Museum, BS34 5BZ) | 19 April | Book your place

Network Rail has reiterated its commitment to RISQS by confirming that it will continue to underpin Sentinel, the infrastructure manager’s passport to work on the railway.

Graham Hopkins, NR Group Director, Safety, Technical and Engineering, has said: ‘At Network Rail we fully support the use of RISQS as Network Rail’s single supplier qualification system for safety-critical services. ‘RISQS continues to provide the underpinning assurance for the Sentinel Scheme and Network Rail welcomes the improvements provided through the enhancements made to the RISQS scheme which will streamline the assurance process.

Constructionline – RISQS working with buyers to reduce duplication

RSSB has been in contact with buyers using Constructionline as part of their supplier assurance process to confirm that the process will not add undue additional cost or duplication to rail suppliers.

Both J Murphy and Sons Ltd and Balfour Beatty have confirmed that suppliers working in rail will not be required join Constructionline at the Gold Membership level as there is already a scheme in place for the rail sector.

Suppliers working in the rail sector that are registered in RISQS must only join at the Associate Level (Level 1), previously known as the Bronze Level. It is free to register as an associate, and suppliers are not required to answer a full questionnaire.

Transition to enhanced RISQS – Log in, check RICCL codes, and subscriptions
As you know, the enhanced RISQS portal is now open to suppliers and it is important that you now log in and check that your RICCL codes are correct. Audits that are due after 1 May are being raised based on these codes, so it is imperative that this information is correct to avoid confusion.

It is also important to login to agree the terms and check that your company information is correct. We have prepopulated as much as possible but there may be some gaps or inconsistencies, so please update this information accordingly. There are directional messages throughout the enhanced portal to assist and guide you through the process. There are also training videos to make this as easy as possible and an FAQ section that should answer any questions you may have.

If you have not yet received user details for the enhanced portal please confirm your full company details on an email to as a matter of urgency.

If your RISQS subscription is due between May and July you will have received an email from us to say that you can re-subscribe now. To be clear, your current subscription will remain active until your current renewal date and you will not lose out by renewing early; it simply means you will seamlessly remain in RISQS, maintaining your visibility to buyers while enjoying the many enhancements that go live on 1 May.

We will be keeping in touch with you regularly as and when your attention is needed to ease the transition and lessen the burden on your time when we go live on 1 May. Please look out for emails from and follow the instructions given to make sure you are ready. Any messages from other email addresses will not be from the enhanced RISQS portal which will go live on 1 May. If you need clarity on any messages you receive please contact RISQS directly on 0800 4 101 300 or email

Portal testing – our thanks
Testing of the enhanced RISQS portal ahead of ‘go-live’ is underway and going well. We would like to thank members for being part of our commitment to ‘continuous improvements’ for the portal by taking part in the development stage. User feedback is passed to the Quality Assurance Team who are working to deliver the full live system on 1 May.