Rail Mentor – The Gateway to Business Growth
Rail Mentor is a focused initiative geared specifically for SMEs and offers an accelerated introduction into the rail supply chain. Registering your details is free of charge and takes only a few minutes – just go to For SMEs looking to enter the rail sector or increase their footprint in this multi-billion pound market, Rail Mentor could be the key to unlocking latent business potential.

Companies supporting the programme include organisations such as Alstom, Siemens, Bombardier, Network Rail, HS2, Carillion, Atkins, Amey, Crossrail, Porterbrook, TfL, SW Trains and ATOC.

right for rail

A clear benefit to the SME is the opportunity to shape a product to the needs of a Top Tier company in a highly supportive environment. Top Tier companies will offer a selection of SMEs access to their management team, meeting space in their facilities and coaching in their specific supply chain requirements. The free to enter RSG mentoring scheme presents a broad range of commercial opportunities for SMEs. Benefits include:

  • Unrivalled and direct access to Top Tier companies
  • Potential to share in the ten-year, multi-billion pound UK rail investment programme
  • Direct communication routes
  • Access to clearly defined target challenges and opportunities
  • Focusing resources on the clearly defined target
  • Access support for improving the offer
  • Clear understanding of what it means to be ready and fit for rail
  • Expert support for refining and improving your SME offering
    to the supply chain

A step towards building a bigger and more sustainable rail business. Naturally, entrants will have varying degrees of knowledge and understanding depending on the extent of their rail experience. A gap-closing process of coaching is structured to align a company with the expectations of the Top Tier mentors. SMEs will qualify for financial support to take part in these schemes.