What is it?

QRTC is the only privately owned and independent rail testing and trialling site in the UK. It has the only looped test track in the UK and is used extensively for reliability and mileage accumulation testing and trialling. It is able to operate 24/7 and its operational staff are all have extensive trials and development experience in both the rail and other sectors including defence, automotive and manufacturing. It is also home to the UK’s only specifically built light rail test facility and is partner to UK Tram/Innovate UK in this respect. The site is extensively used by companies as part of their delivery of Innovate UK/RSSB competitions. The site is the only facility in the UK able to offer full scale crash testing to European TSI standard. It is also used extensively by the Emergency Services for full scale incident simulation and for the training of Counter-Terrorism teams. In the past 4 years the site has actively been the delivery partner for over 150 suppliers, helping them accelerate their innovations to a market ready state. It is home to Rail Live, Europe’s largest outdoor railway showcase.


It is the largest and most extensive storage facility in the UK consisting of some 20km of storage sidings, and is connected to the national rail network at Honeybourne. With storage capacity for approximately 1000 items of rolling stock the site also has 4 hectares of open hard-standing based storage and approximately 2000m2 of covered storage, along with associated handling equipment and cranage.

Test Track

The site is regularly used for testing and trialling/ product development. The test track can be used for a variety of purposes which in the past has included:
• Impact testing
• Product approval
• Product development
• Publicity and PR
• Training
• European TSI and EN15227 scenarios 1 and 2 High speed impact testing

Endurance Test Track:

• Track length 3km
• Maximum speed 55 km/h
• Straight section 600m
• Curve radius 150m – 200m


• Track length 2 lines each of 450m
• Overhead power supply 5 MVA
• Connection to endurance test track