The Rail Alliance is proud of its associations and partnerships with leading organisations and establishments in the rail sector as well as with wider industry and government departments.




This is a collaboration between two respected organisations within GB Rail – RSSB and Rail Alliance with an aim to support the industry in demystifying the perceived complexity of organisations across the sector and create a level playing field for businesses wishing to engage all parties. For more information about the RSSB please click here




The Rail Supply Group (RSG) is the leadership body for the rail supply sector, working in partnership with the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) to set the direction for the industry. We provide leadership and guidance to industry and Government, and lead a programme of work on behalf of the UK rail supply chain. Formed in 2014, the RSG is the only rail body to have members from Government and the private sector, focusing on supporting and enhancing the rail supply chain, from SMEs to multi-national companies across the UK. The RSG works on behalf of the UK rail supply industry as a whole, rather than any single supplier.

The Rail Supply Group aims to strengthen the capability and competitiveness of the UK rail supply chain to grow business at home and abroad. The RSG focuses on four areas of work: driving growth; accelerating innovation; doubling exports and improving skills. There are also a number of cross-cutting programmes such as the Industrial Strategy, Sector Deal, SMEs and Digital Railway.






In the same way the Rail Alliance supports the RSG, we also support the RDG with initiatives to support and boost the rail sector in the UK from a customer facing perspective.










The PWI is a modern professional technical engineering institution and community for rail engineers. Its main objective is to collect and share technical knowledge and best practice in the rail industry. Membership is open to individuals and companies in the rail industry. Members work principally in the field of rail infrastructure engineering and associated disciplines. The PWI welcomes all engineers: professionally registered; working towards professional registration; or engineers and track/plant personnel who wish to benefit from the knowledge and support provided by the Institution. Licensed to award: EngTech, IEng and CEng. The Rail Alliance is acknowledged as a corporate member of the PWI and supports events and activities with mutual benefit to both membership organisations.




The UK Rail Research and Innovation Network (UKRRIN) is designed to create powerful collaboration between academia and industry, aiming to provide a step-change in innovation in the sector and accelerate new technologies and products from research into market applications globally.

The initiative is being built on the development of three new Centres of Excellence formed by a consortium of universities, in collaboration with existing industry testing and trialling facilities such as the Quinton Rail Technology Centre (home of the Rail Alliance and Rail Live) and Network Rail’s Rail Innovation & Development Centres.

The new centres will be created in Digital Systems (led by University of Birmingham), Rolling Stock (led by University of Huddersfield, in partnership with Newcastle University and Loughborough University) and Infrastructure (led by University of Southampton, in partnership with the University of Nottingham, the University of Sheffield, Loughborough University and Heriot Watt University). Some £92m of total funding has been committed to the centres by the UK Government and leading industrial partners.


Representing an important growth area of the Rail Sector, the Rail Alliance works with the RFG to help communicate and support the work it does for its members as well as members of the Rail Alliance who are closely linked with this market.




Young Rail Professionals (YRP) was founded in 2009 to Promote the railway industry as a great place to work and to Inspire and Develop the next generation of railway talent. YRP brings together people from all aspects of the industry, whether they are involved in engineering, asset management, train operations, strategic planning, maintenance, franchising, regulation, marketing or human relations. YRP is open to any young rail professional.

To inspire our members and enhance their careers, YRP delivers Networking and Development opportunities including technical seminars, presentations, site visits and socials. We also collaborate closely with several other professional institutions to regularly run joint events and initiatives. We also run an award-winning Rail Ambassador programme, providing opportunities for our members to visit schools, colleges and universities to attract the next generation into this dynamic industry. YRP delivers these activities nationwide through seven regional committees, led by a national executive. Our committees are led entirely by young volunteers from within the rail industry. YRP is free to become a member and we do not charge for any of our professional development events or ambassador activities. Our networking events are subsidised to ensure they are affordable and accessible to all our members. We are funded by our corporate members within the industry.





Rail Week, the brainchild of YRP, is a pan-industry collaborative effort aimed at bridging the rail sector’s looming skills gap and inspiring the next generation of rail professionals. The week of rail-related activity will include a plethora of events, visits and talks to promote careers in our great industry to the public, in particular to students at schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Rail Week brings together the rail industry to celebrate all that is great about rail and rail careers. The first ever Rail Week in the UK was in the Summer of 2016 and is growing bigger every year!

Rail Week gives young people, parents, teachers and careers advisors the opportunity to see first-hand the exciting projects and facilities and range of jobs in rail! During Rail Week, the rail sector opens its doors and goes out into the community to deliver exciting interactive rail activities by:

– Hosting tours of depots, factories, control centres, stations, and more…
– Organising events, special lectures and seminars about rail projects and innovation
– Volunteering staff to get involve with outreach activities




The Rail Alliance holds many relationships covering a variety of disciplines from Infrastructure Projects (IP) to Product Approval and Acceptance. Sitting on the board of the Commercial Directors Forum the Rail Alliance meets regularly with key Network Rail personnel to keep up to date with the new developments and advancements for the benefit of members.






The Rail Alliance works closely with the Welsh Government to support the active and growing rail supply chain that is emerging in this area.





The Rail Alliance has a strong relationship with Scottish Enterprise and is working closely with them to help support and develop Scotland’s rail supply chain.




Manufacturing has never been more important to the success and growth of the UK and is integral to the country’s growth objectives – from helping to rebalance the economy to contributing to the UK’s export market. As part of our Helping Britain Prosper Plan, we committed to provide a total of £4 billion in funding support to the manufacturing industry in the four years to December 2017. We are proud to have delivered this commitment six months ahead of target in June 2017.

We understand that manufacturing businesses have unique banking needs. Whether it’s assisting with cash flow needs, financing growth to build new supply chains, improving efficiency, or helping to penetrate new markets, our manufacturing trained managers can provide guidance to help find the most appropriate plan.





The Rail Innovation Group is an independent community with a mission to build the tech ecosystem in rail. The group has 3 roles:

  • Facilitating cross industry conversation & collaboration.
  • Helping rail adapt & prepare for future mobility services.
  • Providing guidance & identifying pathways to help start ups into rail.
  • We’ve launched our Vision to guide our activities!

Our Focus is to Improve Rail Passenger Experience
We focus on bringing new ideas into the rail industry that will empower passengers and lead to improved journey experience. Passengers feel most anxious when they are not in control of their journey. We believe that technology can improve Passenger Experience outside of the limitations of fixed rail infrastructure and that the creativity and experience of the tech industry should be harnessed and channeled into rail, allowing passenger service to be developed to rival that of the best service industries.



Composites UK is the Trade Body for the UK composites industry. Our aim is to support the industry so that it may continue to grow and participate in the increasingly competitive world of global composite production. To achieve this our mission is to enhance and promote the safe and effective use of composites.