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Thomas Brown Engineering Ltd.

We possess AS9100 Rev D. Our core capabilities lie in providing precision machined, mill/turn and ground small to medium sized components across a range of materials and would welcome an opportunity to support you.

Thomas Brown Engineering’s growing exposure to aerospace and other advanced manufacturing sectors has helped it evolve into a highly responsive, competitive and quality focussed supplier capable of adding value to supply chains.

Thomas Brown Engineering differentiates itself through offering a Development Service, alongside the very best of British-based precision engineered machining, mill/turn and grind capability. Customers looking for manufacturing solutions, benefit from involving Thomas Brown Engineering in their projects. Our engineering expertise is applied to solve small problems in new product introductions and ensure a sustainable and reliable supply thereafter.

As a small enterprise, we possess operational systems visibility, forecasting demand and effectively managing inventory whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality control and customer service. We offer real-time reports that can be accessed from mobile devices and can track progress and compliance effectively. We order and make only what we need to reduce inventory carrying costs to target on-time deliveries.

Customers hold Thomas Brown Engineering in high regard. Our technical capability is well respected. Our engineering problem-solving, ability to provide lights-out manufacturing and adoption of innovative supply chain tools are qualities that differentiate Thomas Brown Engineering from our competitors. Our team is dedicated, experienced and committed to making every customer relationship a success. Thomas Brown Engineering provides opportunity for Customers to realise on-time delivery, enhanced quality content at an affordable level!

We can provide further insight into our organisation to the appropriate procurement/supply chain point of contacts in your organisation, should you so wish and we look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Chris Holt email


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The Junction, Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Station Road, Long Marston, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 8PL.