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The MPA Group is a team of highly experienced, specialist industry analysts and expert tax and business accountants. We specialise in the R&D Tax Credits scheme. Often being able to find R&D in businesses where they don’t realise they can claim. And maximising claims to help innovators grow. We cross industry borders, providing our services to hundreds of UK businesses. With UK economic growth at the heart of Government focus, and innovative businesses arguably the backbone of this growth potential, there are numerous schemes, grants and support mechanisms in place for them. Our understanding of HMRC’s guidelines, and membership on HMRC’s R&D board are just a few of the reasons why we maintain great relationships with all of our clients. Our MPA team consist of experts with experience at the highest level of their chosen fields. Meaning we understand every step of the journey an innovative business takes, and the issues they face: raising vital funds, intellectual property protection, recognising and retaining key skilled staff, grants and tax incentives, exit strategy and planning; and all whilst right-sizing their tax bill.

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Mercers Manor Barns

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