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SpanSet are a world leader and authority in load control solutions with extensive experience in meeting the challenges of freight logistics operations as well as a long experience of rail freight. SpanSet are at the forefront of load security development and are ideally placed to assist the rail freight sector in rising to the challenges of modern logistics and recent changes in expectations due to the pandemic. The potential for rail to transport new cargo as well as becoming a viable alternative for existing road freight will only be possible if they are able to adapt their existing systems and equipment. SpanSet can contribute knowledge and expertise to assist all levels in the process from those buying to risk assessing and using. New rolling stock will take time to be developed but we should aim to be a part of that process so that the equipment enters service fit for purpose. It is likely that existing rolling stock will be repurposed and this will represent the majority of the rolling stock for some time. Therefore being able to refit that to a similar standard will be important. Once new or refitted rolling stock is in service it is likely that replacement will be the original equipment. This sector has a strong culture for standards and safety making it ideal for high quality, technically supported solutions. Ideal for SpanSet.

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