Iotic's vision is a world where any thing can interact with any thing to define and help solve the most intractable problems and forge opportunities for the future. Iotic’s patented, secure Operating Environment gives you the tools to create Digital Twins of your assets throughout their lifecycle. Your asset can be any thing - a building, machine, system or even people. Twins generate event streams, automatically brokering events to any integrated element (such as an ERP system), or to any other Twin. Faster, automated, iteration is now possible from any data source, regardless of origin. An Iotic Twin is a comprehensive interoperable version of anything: all its data, all its controls, through its whole life. Iotic Space is the scalable environment in which Iotic Twins securely, programmatically interact. Use Iotic’s technology to connect, share and monetize meaningful events, scaling with your customer needs, beyond the constraints of multiple proprietary platforms, hardware or devices. We are helping others to push boundaries, create new models, new services, and generate value from products and services that would not otherwise be possible. "What [Iotic] deliver is something often regarded as impossible: …security coupled with open interoperability. Imagine different, services, networks and devices securely interrelating with public and private third-party sources.” - The Times

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