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Welcome to G-volution Ltd The challenge - With greenhouse gas emissions from transport representing 21 per cent of total UK domestic emissions, decarbonising transport must happen now. A solution today - G-volution Ltd (GV) has proven dual fuel engine technology to help de-carbonise the UK rail sector, cost effectively, and quickly. G-volution technology can: • be retrofitted to an existing engine or applied to a new engine; and • ensure lower costs (30 - 40%), lower particulate emissions (up to 90%) and lower carbon (28 – 44%) ; and • use natural gas (including bio-gas), LPG (including bio-LPG) which allows a build-up of infrastructure in the secondary fuel to take place flexibly and cost effectively) • critically this can be done immediately, can be applied to existing assets and is cost effective, allowing a 3-5 year payback. G-volution, RSSB and Grand Central are now building a natural gas (LNG) dual fuel demonstration unit which will be up and running on the UK rail network for demonstration in Quarter one 2020.

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