How Do You Know That Your Team Feels Safe & Happy?

In a recent leadership survey, our clients told us that their team’s safety and wellbeing was their Number One priority, yet very few had the system to monitor this.

So, we have now developed an easy to use, online system which will regularly tell leaders and managers how their team felt about safety and wellbeing. The high-level detail is:

1. Each team member is asked one specific question via email such as “if they felt safe today?”
2. If they did not, they are asked “why?”
3. The management team have their own dashboard where they can see the responses in real-time and make quick decisions to improve morale
4. We can also talk to them about solutions that our other clients have put in place, so you are not alone
5. It will take a business/organisation 5 minutes to set up and we do the rest.

The safety checker is only £150 + VAT for 3 months (offer available until July 31st) and it can be extended to include other areas such as customer or visitor realtime feedback.

If when reading the link you or a colleague would like to discuss this further, please get in touch.

Customer Experience Director
e –
m – 07826 869121

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