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The Rail Alliance, on behalf of the British Embassy in Colombia, is promoting a trade mission to Colombia, but with a difference. The Embassy has £12.3m to spend on infrastructure design projects over the next 4 years. £5.6m on railway feasibility studies and £6.7m on urban development/smart places. The first tranche being commissioned in the next six months. These projects are funded through the UK global “prosperity fund”. The trip being the ideal opportuntity to make the relationships to take advantage of this, and the other USD $100bn of scheduled Colombian infrastructure opportunities over the next 10 years.

The trade mission will have two distinct elements:

1. Partnering (19/20th November 2018, Bogota)

2. Infrastructure congress/show (21/22/23rd November 2018, Cartagena (Caribbean Coast)


1. Partnering

The first two days will take place in Bogota. The first day being training and familiarisation on how to do business in Colombia. The second day being a minimum of 3 meetings with potential partners or clients. These meetings will be organised by the British embassy in accordance with your needs.


2. Infrastructure Congress/show

The Infrastructure congress will expose you to all the right decision makers, the people behind the $100bn of projects and the active parties in the prosperity fund. Attached is a two page summary of the benefits of involvement and the objectives of the prosperity fund “Colombia summary”.


The key rail area(s) for the British pavilion at the congress, as it relates to the Prosperity fund and, UK Government Colombian business strategy. The titles of the Rail Projects being funded are given below.


1. Bogotá – Zipaquirá

2. Sistema Férreo Multipropósito de Antioquia

3. Tren de Cercanías de Cali

4. Tren del Caribe


The key Intelligent cities area for the British pavilion at the congress, as it relates to the Prosperity fund and, UK Government Colombian business strategy. The titles of the smart cities projects being funded are given below.


5. Wastewater collector system in Ibagué

6. Strategic Transport System (SETP) in Manizales

7. Rural Sewer in Valledupar

8. Sustainable Urban Drains (SUDs) in Santa Marta

9. Pilot of Smart City in Historic Centre of Santa Marta


More detail is included in the attached document “Prosperity Fund Opportunities Rail” and “Prosperity Fund Opportunities Citites”


The Rail Alliance are looking for companies to be engaged in the trade mission who can specifically input the prosperity fund work or can benefit from the wider infrastructure boom in Colombia. This ideally includes companies who


1. Can deliver all, or elements of these projects.

2. Technology companies who can showcase the latest related product thinking, that could be incorporated into the prosperity project design.


The package being offered to companies includes

1. Free exhibition space

2. Free shipping of material to and from Colombia

3. Range of other events and introductions


The costs companies will need to cover include;

a. Airfares

b. Accommodation

c. Entrance to the congress


Whilst the maximum benefit will occur for companies who attend in person the Rail Alliance is able to represent companies who give appropriate briefings, supply material and products to the congress.


For more information please contact or 07747771894.