Rail Alliance

 In 2018, we joined forced with BCRRE to combine resources and expertise and further strengthen our offer to the industry as a whole.

What is our mission?

These are exciting times for railways. Society relies on railway systems more than ever before: they have become integral to how people live and economies grow in the 21st Century. With increased demands and expectations come new opportunities and challenges for the supply chain.

We enable industry to prosper. Through collaboration and innovation, and our relationships with end users, our agile and entrepreneurial experts will offer the supply chain full service solutions across technology readiness levels.

Our Story

As the rail sector’s largest dedicated B2B networking organisation, the Rail Alliance is all about bringing customers, suppliers and supply chain opportunities together. It is a membership organisation that sits at the very heart of the rail supply chain. Born out of the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS – established in the West Midlands in 1996), the Rail Alliance has evolved as a leading representative of the UK rail supply chain community.

Its broad spectrum of membership extends way beyond rail and positions the Rail Alliance as the go-to membership organisation for Business-to-Business diversity, ingenuity and innovation.


Working together
The resurgence of the rail industry, through huge investment in projects such as Crossrail, Thameslink and the East West Rail Alliance, has necessitated broader thinking and accountability from its working partnerships. With the unprecedented opportunity of HS2 imminent, changing philosophies are central to the delivery of a world-leading railway. In collaboration with business communities external to rail (such as automotive and aerospace) and productive dialogue with a wide spectrum of companies at home and abroad, the Rail Alliance is perfectly aligned with the UK’s Rail Sector Strategy and uniquely positioned to foster relationships that will engage and deliver against its challenges.


Rail Innovation Family
We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the Railway Industry Association and Rail Forum Midlands to form the Rail Sector Supply Organisations ‘Innovation Family’. Crucial to the delivery of the UK’s future railway, innovation takes many forms and is indeed healthily represented throughout the Rail Alliance community. With the scope of opportunities and channels for delivery of new technology becoming increasingly diverse, the Rail Alliance has joined with RIA and RFM to engage best practice in identifying, advancing and promoting innovation.
This structured approach seeks to enhance the throughput of solutions for industry requirements, importantly with clarity of purpose and without duplication of resource.



Each organisation retains its own identity while adhering to these principles, which are focused specifically on innovation.

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