ISO44001 (replaces the BS11000) – the world’s first international standard for Collaborative Business Relationships

ISO44001 – the world’s first national standard for Collaborative Business Relationships – has been embraced by Network Rail as part of their ‘Alliancing’ philosophy in delivering over £3bn worth of infrastructure projects collaboratively.

The Rail Alliance is working towards its own ISO44001 accreditation … and, with accredited facilitators within our management team, we are poised to help our members to get started along their journey to achieving accreditation to the ISO44001standard.

ISO44001 Workshops

But to get started down your IS)44001 journey – or if only to understand the standard, its 3 phases and 8 stages – come to a Rail Alliance ISO4401 Workshop. Attendance is open to all full and affiliate Rail Alliance members at a cost of £250+VAT per delegate. Non-members can attend (subject to space being available) at a cost of £500+VAT – this includes 6 months’ ‘free’ membership of the Rail Alliance.  Alternatively, you could attend the BSI Introduction to BS11000 seminars at £635+VAT (visit the BSI website for more details).

These workshops introduce the background and benefits to becoming ISO44001 accredited and will also explain the stages and phases required to achieve the standard and outline the ‘next steps’ that a company needs to take on its accreditation journey as well as the costs involved and developmental activity that needs to be considered.

In terms of becoming accredited to ISO44001, the Rail Alliance can provide any type of intervention from ‘light touch’ facilitation, remotely, at modest cost … through to a fully facilitated solution using expert, experienced practitioners.The Rail Alliance has its own accredited ISO44001-trained facilitator in Robert Hopkin. To reserve your place on any of the ISO44001 Workshops, e-mail or call 01789 720 026 to register; please remember to identify your first, second and third choice dates.

Becoming an Accredited BS11000 Facilitator

Should you wish to become an accredited BS11000 Facilitator or an Internal Auditor for ISO44001, then why not consider attending one of several training courses, run jointly by the Institute for Collaborative Working and PERA (endorsed by the ILM and BSI).

Finding out more about the BS11000 Community(ies)

The foundation of the ISO44001 standard comes from the early work undertaken by Partnership Sourcing Limited in association with Midas Projects Ltd … however, to bring things up to date and for more information about the ISO44001 Executive Network and the opportunities to network, publicise and advertise your company’s collaboration successes or your collaborative stance, please visit the Institute for Collaborative Working. We are particularly grateful to the ICW for allowing us to use some of their materials during our training courses.

The Institute for Collaborative Working

The ICW Aims:

  • To be recognised and acknowledged as the thought leader on collaborative working
  • To carry out research further to develop collaborative working principles, practices and processes
  • To ensure the widespread development of collaborative working skills through training and development
  • To build progressively a global collaboratively-working, knowledge-sharing community


Figure reproduced by kind permission of Midas Projects Limited

To find out more about the ICW visit: and tell them that the Rail Alliance sent you!