DIT Events, UK & Overseas

The DIT has some truly exceptional market engagement events coming up, at home and abroad.  Again each of these events is listed on our calendar, including those administered by RIA.  If you wish to know more about the DIT, be introduced to your local International Trade Advisor or learn how the rail trade bodies support the DIT please get in touch with lucy.prior@railalliance.co.uk

20/10/17 – Russia (meeting in London) Discover business opportunities in Russia: Krasnoyarsk, Siberia at b2b with Svetlana Bukanova, Senior Trade Adviser on Global Sports and Infrastructure, to register – contact Svetlana.Bukanova@fco.gov.uk / FLYER Discover Krasnoyarsk b2b on 20th October

13-17/11/17 – Singapore & Malaysia Save the date; in-country trade mission planned to precede AusRail Plus 2017 – See details on our calendar or contact nwalker@riagb.org.uk at RIA

21-23/11/17 – Australia TAP funding for eligible companies to exhibit on the UK pavilion. For exhibitor enquiries contact ablake@intecuk.com and for info on the TAP exhibitor grant contact nwalker@riagb.org.uk

21-23/11/17 – Russia DISCOVER KRASNOYARSK REGION MISSION, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, 21st-23rd November, 2017, Svetlana.Bukanova@fco.gov.uk / FLYER Krasnoyarsk 21-23 Nov 2017


MTRC is inviting expressions of interest to pre-qualify tenderers for the following contracts:


Webinars: October 2017

Vietnam, 05 Oct @ 09:00 – Webinar: Airport and Urban Rail Development in Vietnam. Opportunities for UK Companies (Airport & Urban)



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